Well, I am trying to sketch out a plan of attack on all these unfinished series.

Here's a "Polyanna-class" list (sigh/smile) of what I hope to accomplish over the next several years--given the fact that I only get to do this in my 'spare time' (and given that it is all I even WANT TO DO in my spare time!):

2007 (I turn 57): I have the entire year budgeted for an outside ministry project (reading/writing). This is consume all my discretionary time, and reduce Tank output to almost nil.

2008 (I turn 58): I need to do an update to my Miracles series (mqx.html), finish the series/interaction with James Still's old piece on NT Bias/Reliability (stilltoc.html), and see if I can finish the hard parts of the OtherReligiousLeaders question (qrashi.html). If I get half a shot, I want to interact with Steve Mason's view that the author of Luke borrowed from Josephus.

2009 (I turn 59): I want to do a detailed series on 'Tampering with the NT'--an accusation often made of the early church (on the basis of KNOWN tampering by the later church), and finish the responses to the Muslim writer of years ago (muslix.html).

2010 (I turn 60): Try to finish the Messianic Prophecies series (one of the first ones started-then-abandoned [sigh/smile] in the tank-history.. fabprof0.html), finish the second half response to the 5Fold Challenge (5felled.html), and deal with a couple of smaller rebuttals I have in backlog

2011 (I turn 61): Try to finish the Competing Revelations series (decide0.html), the Process of Revelation series (process1.html), Thumbnails (thumbs.html), and Lessons I have Learned (lesxx.html).

2012-13 (I turn 62/63): The Canon series will probably take two years by itself (canonout.html).

2014 (I turn 64): Finish the Dating of Daniel series (and update the first piece, qwhendan3x.html) and squeeze in a couple of smaller pieces/rebuttals.

2015-2016 (I turn 65/66): Finish the Notes on the Edges of my Bible series (lotsa detail data entry here!)... edgedex.html.

This represents an "AMBITIOUS schedule", but would answer MOST of the APOLOGETICS questions I have received over the years, but not all by any means. Hopefully, I can squeeze in a bunch of the tinier ones, in the 'cracks', if possible, and perhaps get a few updates in. [I get TONS of non-apologetics questions that I don't have a prayer of getting to (e.g., divorce, masturbation, marijuana, end-times prophecy, homosexuality, doctrine, etc)] I might be able to retire from working a little earlier than 65, and if so, could devote that additional time to the Tank (especially to the LiteBulb jokes--just kidding)... No doubt other questions will arise between now and then, and new data will force revisions in earlier articles... But if the Lord will eventuate this much stuff through me (or at least the parts which “grow the most peace, from the heart of the Peace-maker”) I will be so delighted, humbled, amazed at grace...

I just wanted to get this out for prayer--

In His love, Glenn Miller (updated March 07)

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