An on-going argument: How "non-Jesus" was Paul, really?


[modified April 2003]

Someone recently sent me the URL for a site by a Muslim [no longer in existence in 2020], in which he basically attacked Paul's beliefs, integrity, and legitimacy. When I read the material, the section on Paul was so appalling (pun intended) that I had to respond.

Now, let me be clear about a few things about the writer's position.

My intent in this response is very limited:
  1. to show that the writer's use of the data is incorrect;
  2. to show that the writer only uses an unrepresentative minority of the evidence available
  3. to show that the writer's argument is apparently unaware of the majority of the data on the subject;
  4. to show that the writer's argument cannot be trusted to give an adequate and accurate portrayal of Paul's views
I DO NOT intend to develop and defend the correct position on each point, nor do I intend to give lengthy counter-arguments. I DO intend to briefly state evidence and arguments that count against the writer's argument, in keeping with my purpose. I simply want to make the case that readers should NOT trust this writer's arguments as relating to Paul. (His accuracy concerning Islam will have to be left to those more knowledgeable than I, at this point.)

As usual, the writer's words will be in "BOLD" QUOTES, and mine in regular font. And, since the writer will be quoting 'uncritically' from the New Testament, I will do the same without asking questions of authenticity, spurious additions, etc.
Section One has the following topics covered:

Section two, has the following topics covered:

Section three has the following topics covered:

I will be adding more as I work through the different sections of the document... 

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