"Tough Question" Submission Form

The intent of this section is to surface important and difficult APOLOGETICS questions, (and hopefully new ones) that may be impediments to the progress of someone's spiritual journey--either of yourself or of others. (Skeptics are included in this, as long as they can state their questions with minimal rancor or hostility.)

Please state the question as precisely as possible and avoid caricatures, slurs, and questions that are polemical in nature (e.g. Why are all Christians stupid?)

I do not acknowledge questions that are already posted on the Tank, nor are not related to apologetics. I HAD a ten-year plan of what I HOPED to work on, posted at cttplans.html, but I have given up on those...sigh. Please check the following pages to see if YOUR question has already been discussed, before submitting it:

[You might also try a Keyword search with the Tank-only seach form.]

Types of questions I simply cannot respond to (sorry):

1. suggestions on, and help with, school papers
2. counseling issues (e.g., wayward spouse, custody arguments)
3. church issues (e.g., catholics vs. protestants vs. orthodox, mode of baptism)
4. church history after the 5th century ad (e.g. Luther's view on X, Vatican II, cessationist arguments, Thomist thought)
5. Most "creation vs. random evolution vs. intelligent design vs. whatever" issues
6. Refuting entire websites(!)  or entire books.
7. Answering 'form letters' of lists of bible problems and contradictions (most of these are answered multiple times on the net, yet the list authors never seem to notice this and update their list)
8. Christian praxis issues (e.g., smoking, cannabis, pre-marital sex, R-rated movies, listening to Kenny G, etc...smile)
9. Fascinating, but "off-topic to the extreme" questions (i.e., could Chiun take down the Predator, would the Bene Gesserit Voice work on John YaYa, etc.)

I generally try to focus on difficult questions and objections about the heart/character of God, the reliability of the OT/Tanaach and NT, and the overall 'reasonableness' of the Judeo-Christian worldview. (Some times I get off the track, of course...smile).

Please enter your question via the email  address provided below.

(Responses are noted in the What's New log, but I NEVER use the person's real name and never include means of identifying them in ANY way. I routinely change location, occupation, school, and gender information, as well.)

A "Pre-apology": After 25 years of writing here, I still have HUNDREDS of questions in backlog (many are duplicates, with minor variations), and each one requires between 4-13-28 weeks of my time to answer (some create multi-year series)! Even simple "where to I find this?" or "can you recommend a good...?" questions I cannot get to. I want you to submit your questions, but if your need is urgent, I will undoubtedly be a frustration and disappointment to you (I may be that EVEN IF I get to reply--smile). I do not acknowledge receipt of these (other than the auto-response, when it's working), but I DO keep them until answered--IF they fall into the guidelines above. My "priority scheme" is to deal with the MOST DIFFICULT ones first. Accordingly, these generally take much longer than the 2-4-6 weeks (even when I can START on them), and often involve whole series of documents (some taking an entire year or two). I honestly wish I could spend more time on this (or could work faster!), but I can only do this in the little bit of spare time I have currently, with family responsibilities and retirement tasks. I am sorry if I cannot address your questions in a more timely fashion...

Thank you for your openness.

In your email, please (1) state the question at clearly as possible; and (2) explain how this is an APOLOGETICS question...thanks

Due to the massive spam I get through these email addresses, you will need to 'assemble' the email address from the 3 parts below, and manually type it into your Email out-client.
Sorry, but I get hundreds of spam per day, because I have this email address spelled out in these pages!

Last part is: gmmx (DOT) org;

Obviously the middle part is the @ sign;

The first part is "tqq2020" (and the AT sign goes between this and the gmmx (DOT) org)

Use the constructed email for for submitting your questions. Thanks!

Warmly (and apologetically--sigh/smile),
Glenn Miller

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