The Trinity (IIIe)

The NT Witness: Literary Responses to Jesus (the writings of the NT)

After discovering that the data of the Synoptics, and that of the Gospel of John supported the view that Jesus understood Himself (and claimed to others) to be God, we then looked at how those AROUND Jesus understood His claims, words, actions--and found that the historical records indicate that Jesus was commonly understood as making claims to deity.

What we will look at now are those writings of Jesus' followers that indicate how THEY responded to His claims and to their experiences of the works of the Risen Christ. In other words, do their writings indicate a belief in the deity of Jesus Christ? If so, is this belief pervasive? Is it only in the later writings, or does it occur in the very early works as well? How 'thought-through' is the belief--have they raised or addressed the issues that the later Church Councils would try to tackle?

Our approach will be broadly historical--I will use the sequence of writing given by RMML:xxv (drawing from Bruce's Acts of the Apostles), but add in the other materials based on CMM.

Epistle of James (c. 45)

Paul's letter to the Galatians (c.48)

Paul's letters to the Thessalonians (c.50)

(First Thess...)

(2nd Thess...)

Paul's letter--"First" Corinthians (c.55)

Paul's letter--"2nd" Corinthians (c.56)

Paul's letter to the Romans (c.57)

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