Good Question...

...on what is "evil", and did God make evil?

I recently got this very common question...

(1) What is evil?

(2) God made all things, right? did He make evil.

[NOTICE: This is the shortest answer you will EVER find me giving on the Tank! The writer had requested a VERY brief response. Enjoy it while you can...(grin)]

I replied:

(1) Evil is...intentions and intentional acts (both being 'acts' or 'personally directed events' and not 'things') of intelligent agents, that violate the God-derived principles of love, fairness, or loyalty.

(2) No, 'acts' and 'events' are not 'made'--they are 'done'. God made and created 'things' and 'agents', not their 'acts' or 'events'...He 'did' His own 'acts' (of course), but other agents 'do' their own 'acts'. So God did not 'make evil' (the phrase is meaningless and nonsensical)

I TOLD YOU this was brief...

[There are, of course, other aspects of this issue, which I will address in a forthcoming article on "Why didn't God stop the process, if He knew it was gonna turn out this way?". And, there are mild problems with my definition of evil. But, all in all, the above will probably stand up under a couple of levels of close scrutiny...]

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