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I've been told that there's a book that describes the correspondence between the origin of the Chinese characters and the Book of Genesis. Does anyone know of this? If so, could you describe what the content is briefly and let me know where I may purchase it?

all I personally know about it a quote from "In the Minds of Men" by Ian Taylor, TFE Publishing, Toronto, 1991 (3rd ed), p. 391-392):
When the Christian missionaries entered China and began to learn the written language in order to produce the Bible for the Chinese, it was discovered that the Chinese ideographs for many ideas specific to creation and the flood accounts already existed. Moreover, these ideographs contained a recognizable 'picture' of the Genesis meaning. For example, the ideograph for the word "ark", as in Noah's ark, consisted of a symbol for a boat plus symbols for eight mouths or people (Kang and Nelson, 1979,p.95)

The Kang and Nelson reference is to Kang, C.H. and Ethel R. Nelson, 1979. The Discovery of Genesis, St. Louis, Mo.:Concordia.

hope this helps...glenn

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