Was the NT wrong about roosters being allowed in Jerusalem?

Posted: Aug 28/2k


This question came in:


I read a Jewish counter-missionary the other, arguing that the NT had to have been written AFTER the fall of Jerusalem, and my non-Jews who were IGNORANT of the city. He based his arguments on some passages in the Rabbinical writings that Cocks were not allowed in the city, and that there they could NOT have 'crowed' in the famous story of Peter's denial. Is this true?



I responded:


Your counter-missionary guy is being highly selective in his use of the rabbinx, and not distinguishing between what the rabbis WANTED TO HAPPEN, and WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


In this case, the Mishnah refers to 'cocks crowing' in Jerusalem in THREE places:


1. M. Sukk 5.4: "at cock crow they blew a blast..." to signal time for sanctuary;


2. M. Tamid 1.2 refers to the officer (over the lots) coming sometimes at 'cock crow'


3. M. Yoma 1.8: "every day they used to remove the ashes from off the Altar at cock-crow, or near to it, either before it or after it; but on the Day of Atonement at midnight, and on the Feast at the first watch. And before the cock-crow drew near the Temple Court was filled with Israelites"


[There is also a passage in the Tosepha B.K. 8:10,361 that says that chicken keeping was permitted if there was a garden or dungheap in which the chickens could scratch.]


I hope this helps...glenn


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