Was Judas actually "obeying God" when he fulfilled the Scripture?

Posted: Aug 28/2k


This came in a while back...



I have an important question that was brought up during my Bible Study at XYZ University.  Throughout time, Judas Iscariot has been pictured as being pre-destined or chosen by God to commit his great sin.  Since he actually fulfilled God's plan, was he actually being obedient  in some strange way?


I replied:


The larger issue of his 'pre-destination' I cannot get to at this point; but I wanted to make a very quick point that obedience requires a directive to obey--God did not 'order' or 'command' Judas to betray His Son, so Judas did not 'obey' God...fulfillment of God's plan is a much more general notion, and one that has nothing to do with 'obedience' per se...fulfilling God's plan is not meritorious in any sense, only obeying Gods' moral law is 'good'...hope this makes sense...glenn



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