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SeiteGeist, if you will... 1997ish


"Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net--A Christian Thinktank"

"This complex of pages represents one man's Christian journey through 20th-century Western thought. It contains his reflections on philosophy, on theology, on spirituality, on apologetics. These are not abstract opinions, but rather serious, committed, and honest attempts to confront the urgent and contemporary questions of skeptics, of believers, of himself, and of his God..."

(well, it IS a bit melodramatic, but it DOES make the point that it is NOT an 'official religious''s just my cognitive meanderings...)

I update this web site approximately monthly.

Unfortunately, I don't get much chance to answer email--I READ all of the 5-or-less page emails, but my responses seem to lag 12-18 months behind (at best).

[At this time, I literally have 1,300+ messages in the inbox.] I wish I could do better, but I am a travelling executive, a slow thinker, a person who turns the smallest question into a Herculean research task, and who spends every discretionary minute doing the research on the backlog of 2500+ questions that have ALREADY been submitted. I really am interested in hearing from visitors, esp. their stories of their spiritual journeys--either toward or away from the Lord. It's just I cannot write back...

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