Disclaimer in Reference to Materials/Lectures in this section:

These materials were developed for the 'paradigm community' of my adult education class at a church in my past. They are designed around a set of shared assumptions and accepted results. As such, these materials interact with skeptical positions only infrequently, and generally start from positive conclusions [from much research and study] about the overall historical reliability of scripture (except when THAT is the subject of the study itself, of course).

This means that the comments I make in these materials reflect MUCH MORE PRIOR ANALYSIS than I can put into the class...

So, if you have questions about this material, look for materials on those topics in the Topics Index and/or the Common Objections Index in the main area of the ThinkTank --please don't just ASSUME that I have accepted these positions 'blindly', uncritically, or naively (maybe stupidly, but that's another story!).

Thank you--

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