Summer 1995 How the Old Testament was written

People have believed many different views of how our Old Testament was written and assembled. Some think it began as legends and myths, which were passed down orally throughout the generations. Others think Ezra wrote most of it after the exile. And yet others are convinced it was written early in its history and simply added to and edited as time required.

This short 6-8 week adult Sunday school course will look at the evidence IN THE BIBLE ITSELF for clues and statements about its origins and development. Using these clues, as well as information from the surrounding cultures of Israel, the statements of Jesus and the NT writers, and early Jewish lore, we will 'piece together' a simple framework for understanding of how we got our marvelous Old Testament.

The sessions are organized as follows:

  1. Before Moses
  2. The Transmission of OT Information and Revelation
  3. Special Topics/Cases
  4. The Wisdom writings--the issue of "borrowing"

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