The day after Thanksgiving 1998,

I wanted to post a quick update here on my new business plans. Several of you have inquired about more details, have offered help for prayer, and even have offered making donations(!)—even though I am not a non-profit venture, of course.

I am so encouraged and so touched by your response. I sit here in this little room, typing and reading and thinking and praying, and it is so easy to lose the awareness of the interconnectedness of the universal body of believers, the organic unity of those who love the Lover. Although God has been growing me in ‘reverse recluse mode’ recently through my church and my girlfriend, my life still calls for large amounts of ‘think, study, and brood’ time alone. (Of course, there are always the 1,543 emails in my inbox to remind me of the extended cyber-community!!!!). Some of you have been praying for this project (in various forms) for a couple of years, and it seems as if this might be the season of God’s blessing and action in this arena.

I want to sketch out the general project, and suggest some specific areas in which I need prayer (and maybe even some phone help).



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