June 8,1998 

Just a brief note to tell everyone that I am heavy into a travel schedule for work, and that the updates will be a little slower for the next couple of months (probably)...

I am 5 weeks into a 10-week travel block, with cities of Omaha, New York City, Norwalk CT, Dublin (Ireland), Amsterdam (Holland), Los Angeles, and Leland (MS) yet to go...

My health is a little better, and I am starting to lose some of the weight I need to before my next medical test...thanks for your prayers.

I have finally finished the research on the synoptic problem and have outlined it...I hope to write it up over the next few weeks and post it.

The last Adult Education Classes I did at my church was video-taped by the class and put on the PBC web-site in RealVideo (all except the Intro). I have converted the files to MP3 format and they can be accessed through the Audio-Visual Menu]

I have the greatest kids and the greatest friends in the world...such a gift, such a delight, such an unexpected grace...

glenn miller

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