There is a strong possibility that I will be in London the weekend of Halloween.

I know many Tank readers come from the UK, and I would love to meet with them while I am over there, if they are interested.

I would like to hear from you if:

1. You are close to London and might be interested in getting together for a meeting, discussion, etc.

2. You are IN London and would be willing to HOST such a get-together of Tank-Thinkers.

3. You are involved with a group that might be interested in a speaker (me) for any time during the weekend (except Halloween night). I don't do 'staged debates' (I think too slowly) and I don't do 'prophecy' (I am re-thinking too slowly), and I don't do 'evolution' (I am apparently evolving too slowly, *chuckle, chuckle*), but I otherwise do a rather wide range of subject (and esp. overviews!). And I can speak to either Christian or mixed groups, if needed.

If you are interested, send an email WITH A PHONE NUMBER(!) to me as soon as possible.

I would love to meet some of you...

Glenn Miller, 10/11/97

The Christian ThinkTank...[https://www.Christianthinktank.com] (Reference Abbreviations)