Just a brief update:

I am really excited...I get to teach a 5 session series on "A Five Hour Bus Tour of Reality: The Grandeur, Warmth, and Delight of the Christian Worldview" starting August 3rd.

The series will be audio-taped and converted to RealAudio by my precious friend Lambert Dolphin and placed on the Peninsula Bible Church website in a few weeks. The 5 sessions will be held at PBC (Palo Alto CA) in the Forum Class (around 200 folk). The dates are Aug 3,10, (none on the 17), 24, 31, and Sept 7th. This is a really precious group of folk--I got to share a three-week program with them earlier this summer, on how to deal with Tough Questions and how the Tough Questions are changing. [Aug 2020: these sessions are available in MP3's now through the AV Menu.

More later,

Glenn Miller, 7/27/97

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