Thank you for your prayers...

Just a brief update:

My finances are slightly better. My mom loaned me some money, I have cut some living expenses, and a sweet friend sent me a helpful gift. I am on an even keel now till the summer.

My health is slightly improved. Still needs 'work' and my job will have me traveling for the next 2 months.

My job situation is somewhat better. All the deadlines are due in the next few days, and after that the stress shifts to the travel.

I have NOT been able to start on the video's I am trying to make, nor have I made much progress on ThinkTank work recently. My time is being fragmented rather seriously, and I need large blocks of time for the research I do for each article.

Many of the other challenges are improving, and I can sense my growth through them. They are not particularly pleasant, but they do eventually become a joy and source of worship (cf. Jas 1.2-4 and Heb 12.11).

I sense change in my life ahead, but I haven't a clue what it might be...

Glenn Miller, 4/28/97

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