As I write this I am sick again...minor, but irritating...antibiotics will cut in tonight hopefully...not as clear-headed as I would like to be [you probably think the same thing, don't you?! ;>) ]

First of all, I want to thank all the folks that prayed for our friends--the results were impressive and mentioned in my prayer requests. I have also added a few new items there, if you get a chance to pray for me.

I am getting further behind on my emails--I have only now started replying to October 1996. [And, the questions submitted are even further behind.] So, if you have sent in an email since Sept, and I haven't answered you-- I will still try to do so...(I don't normally answer submitted Tough Questions until I can, but general , casual, email I try to at least acknowledge.) Sorry...but the questions take SO MUCH RESEACH to treat them thoroughly and carefully...

Well, I finally finished the Women in the Bible series. Some of you have suggested that I publish it, and others have suggested that I have capitulated to the 'spirit of the age'(!). The latter is not surprising, since I too have accused others in the past of doing the same--and Jesus OBVIOUSLY knew was He was talking about in Matthew 7.2: For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.. Well, even a monkey learns to duck...and I've just about gotten the message over the years...(smile)

But I wrote the whole thing for a precious female friend of mine, who carries my genes, who told me one day that she couldn't see the real Jesus because of the misogynist, patriarchal, repressive mask He wore in the bible...and so I went looking for that mask and found a beautiful and different Face altogether. And now this female friend of mine, who carries my genes, no longer sees that mask nor carries that sign of protest about Him...and our discussion has moved on to other issues.

But I post tonight a troublesome piece, about Abraham and the Binding of Isaac...I have looked deeply into Abe's heart this past week, and realized for the first time his greatness as the father of all who believe...I have not made that trek to Moriah--in any sense--but I can feel the pain. I am staggered by the risk that God took with, and for, His friend Abraham. I marvel at their intimacy and am humbled by Abraham's resolution and his simultaneous compassion. But I see beyond that event to the Cross, and I am struck speechless and weeping at every thought of the Father's heart there. I find that my clutching grasp of the 'vain things that charm me most' goes weak in the face of Abe's commitment and justified loyalty to our God, and the glitter and tinsel that the world affords slips unnoticed from between my fingers...But this will pass...and I will yet again clench worthless 'treasures' in tight, dirty fists...and will be melted again when He shows up with the towel, the basin, and a servant's demeanor...

Standing quietly before the God of Grace,

Glenn Miller, 2/14/97
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