It's midnight, Saturday night in San Jose CA, and my brain seems 'deep fat fried'...

I have been sick for a week or so with a debilitating head cold (not BAD enough to have a 'martyr party' or even a good 'pity party', but irritating enough to test one's current level of 'progressive sanctification'!). The antihistamines have not helped the neural processes either, so I did NOT get the philosophy piece written that I intended to get done this week. (Not to mention I had a root canal yesterday as well...hmmm, would that change my banalities to canalities?...just a thought ;>) )...

To those of you who have written in with questions (all 100 or so!)...I will get to them SOMEDAY, and as fast as I am able...but PLEASE be patient with me...I only get to do this between a full-time job and my wonderful kidlets...

And thank you all for your encouragement, both from Christians and from skeptics...Your kind words and honest feedback make this a delightful substitute for ' a personal life' (as one of you so astutely pointed out!).

My thinking at this point in my life seems to be revolving around a couple of points:

Anyway, as I brood on these, you can bet some will show up on this website!

Again, let me thank you all.

Glenn Miller


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