Prayer Requests

Sept, 2014

Long year... been rough one too... still is (sigh)... here's the prayer requests for me/mine/others--thank you, thank you , thank you all who support me in this way:

  1. I have several family members who are facing serious challenges--some financial, some grief, some spiritual -- pray that they will find relief, growth, and a closer more vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus
  2. I have a very close personal friend who needs additional medical improvement, and then direction on their next step in life before the Lord.
  3. My close young friend needs to grow her social comfort and social skills quickly and effectively--resulting in less psychological isolation and improved morale.
  4. I need swift recovery from shoulder surgery (Oct 2014).
  5. I have assumed even more responsibility and need prayer for better money management this year and following.
  6. I need better discernment and discipline in where I invest my time and thought-life.
  7. I need wisdom (or at least, 'overriding providence'...sigh) in my role as peace-maker and adviser in a couple of high-intensity family relationships.
  8. I have a close personal friend who needs motivation and guidance on becoming  independent and self-correcting.
  9. I need patience in dealing with the practical, "mundane" operational aspects of daily life--in a way that does not sap all my strength because of my 'anxiety over the unfamiliar' (i.e., the normal things of life...sigh).
  10. I need some insight on how to approach the guilt over not being able to respond to Tank emails!
  11. My children and grandchildren always need (as we all do) a closer, more vibrant, more honest, more gracious, more substantial daily walk with Jesus.
  12. I need to know better how to invest in my own spiritual life (e.g., I need to listen to more Christian music, and I need to read materials other than just the research stuff I use for the Tank--the time crunch of life/tank/family/work typically have not allowed me to invest her as much as i think i need to).

Again, thank you , thank you , thank you!

Oct 20, 2013

Here's an update on the prayer results/requests--I do not change these very often, but that does NOT MEAN that I do not still need CONTINUAL prayer support for these items!

Progress has been very slow this past year... and often discouraging and show-stopping... so, I deeply thank those of you who remember to pray for me and my heart-concerns...

Below is the list from Nov of last year, with updates in [brackets] embedded

  1. I have assumed responsibility for a personal/family-related situation that has moments of extreme stress. These tend to crater me for days at a time. Pray that I will be more resilient in dealing with these moments, and that they decrease in frequency. [They seem to have decreased in frequency and intensity, but they are still oppressive about 2-3x per month. Pray that the Lord will focus on and resolve the major outstanding issues that crater me and for healing/progress in the situation overall.]
  2. I need strength to make good choices in the use of my time, resources, and (dwindling) energy. [My choices have been pretty bad for the last 6 months of this period...seems to be regressing instead of progressing...]
  3. I need wisdom in knowing how to adapt to my new locale (I moved away from Mississippi this summer) and the people around me. [I think this is improved enough to be removed from the prayer list--thank you.]
  4. I have several family members who need jobs and/or job changes. [We had 3 of the 6 find good/steady jobs, with 2 of the 6 still needing a new landing place, and 1 still needing benefits with their job.]
  5. I have a young friend who has moved to a new high school and desperately needs to find a friend there. [No progress at all, apparently... very discouraged, no progress, painful acceptance of the isolation, and time is running out...]
  6. I have a very close personal friend with many health problems. She needs to find high-quality help for them quickly. [Some progress--one major issue under control, but not resolved without side-effects, and a half-dozen other pre-existing major problems just now demanding attention via pain. Significant problems with pain--and with despair.]
  7. I need to be able to do my day-job without it sapping all my energy for night-time Tankwerke. [Up and down. Most of the debilitating stress comes from non-work areas, but work intensity has increased in 2013 for sure. Some progress here, though, in just the last 2 weeks.]
  8. I need to figure out how to be 'refreshed' some/some-more. [I still have no way to do this...everything is fun, fascinating, and therefore consumptive! I need 20 years of therapy, I figure, but at 63yo, it's not gonna happen...]
  9. I have family members who need concrete Christocentric spiritual growth/development/enjoyment. [definite progress here, but still need prayer for those who are still hesitant or fuzzy about it all...]
  10. I need to be more productive, fruitful, and concise in my Tank output. [Obviously, I have failed here recently--so, I ask you pray for insights for me, in terms of wisdom as to how to overcome my obstacles to this.]

New areas for short-term (hopefully!) prayers:

A. financial wisdom/endurance/restraint/ability for the next 7 months--especially for some  large medical bills and the $2K+ I still owe my Pakistani translator;
B. easy/fast-recovery for upcoming surgery in Nov
C. grace, peace, and gentleness for a difficult transitional situation about to occur for a family member;
D. guidance, resources, and initiative for the high-school family member on post-HS next steps.
E. some relief/treatment from/for various ailments (mostly bad shoulder, feet)

FYI--I constantly ask our Lord to bless those dear hearts that pray for me... though I do not know who they are, I know I one day will and one day will thank them for their crucial ministry to me in this area...

Nov 17, 2012

  1. I have assumed responsibility for a personal/family-related situation that has moments of extreme stress. These tend to crater me for days at a time. Pray that I will be more resilient in dealing with these moments, and that they decrease in frequency.
  2. I need strength to make good choices in the use of my time, resources, and (dwindling) energy.
  3. I need wisdom in knowing how to adapt to my new locale (I moved away from Mississippi this summer) and the people around me.
  4. I have several family members who need jobs and/or job changes.
  5. I have a young friend who has moved to a new high school and desperately needs to find a friend there.
  6. I have a very close personal friend with many health problems. She needs to find high-quality help for them quickly.
  7. I need to be able to do my day-job without it sapping all my energy for night-time Tankwerke.
  8. I need to figure out how to be 'refreshed' some/some-more.
  9. I have family members who need concrete Christocentric spiritual growth/development/enjoyment.
  10. I need to be more productive, fruitful, and concise in my Tank output.

Let's start with

THANK YOU, all you who pray for me!

Aug 4, 2011

[RESOLVED August 17th--THANK YOU for your prayers]. Urgent prayer request: Please, please, please pray as often as you can for the next 4-6 weeks about the legal problems facing a close friend of my family. They seem to be in the middle of some questionable legal attacks. Pray that the Lord would exercise His sovereignty and Romans 13 authority to force justice to prevail, and to prevail quickly enough so that the monetary resources needed for the legal defense would have minimal impact upon this already-destitute family. I will let you know when the crisis is over/resolved, so please pray until then. Need: "Divine intervention and direction of the legal authorities --toward the accomplishment of His moral governance and fulfillment of His desire for justice on behalf of His needy children"

A great Thanks items: the child with JDM has recovered and is off of the weekly IV treatments. they will be able to attend a normal school this fall. great progress--thank you to all who prayed!

Aug 2010



May 29, 2010

I have no idea why I am so bad about keeping this prayer list current... granted, this is the first time in a year I have had a few minutes without multiple avalanches burying me at the same time... But before the next one hits:

Prayer for my health: I have rotor cuff problems (improving), slight right knee problem (lessons when I lose a few pounds...sigh/smile), energy for the daily workload, fewer contracted colds from traveling so much, weight control/loss

Prayer for my situation: staying on top of my business workload, structuring my life/habits for being able to retire-for-more-Tankwerke sooner rather than later, being a good steward of/for my Dad (in the Assisted Living facility), avoiding unnecessary distractions from the more important items at 'this end of life' (not letting 'the good keep me from the best'), dealing with my frustration and sense of depair over not being able to focus on the ministry research/writing.

Prayer for my heart: acceptance of the limitations I have on psychological/emotional growth (and running out of time and money to start therapy for these), dealing with the changes in the living situation here (e.g., mom passed, dad fading, house empty/still, family geo-distant), moderation of my predisposition to/desire for complete solitude,  protection from over-bouyancy and from over-morbidity, ability to deal with the large number of 'personal-class' demands that are involved in my situation here, calmness and proper perspective on the growing practical issues arising now from my OWN life-finish challenges and limitations.

Prayer for my ministry: fruitfulness in writing for the various language thinktanks, funding for translation services, wisdom/ability/energy for the many important emails I need to reply to, wisdom and utility for the Lord on the upcoming Skype-based bible study on Acts (May 2010 ongoing), discernment on book procurement/investment now that I am almost at the 'Social Security line'...

Prayer for my family: gentleness for my Dad's life-finish, direction and growth and provision for my children and grandchildren, ministry and joys for my brothers and their loved ones, a good job for Jamel.

Prayer for special items: a couple of friends/relatives with Asperger's;  safety and protection for my translation partners overseas (see a related request of theirs below this), my niece who just developed a severe auto-immune disease that is literally eating her muscle tissue up (JDM), a young friend who just lost his job right before his soon-upcoming marriage.

Thank you all for your love and support over the years,
little glenn

Urgent Prayer Request, Aug 3/2009:


Personal requests/needs:

Feb 16, 2009

It's been a rough 2009 so far already... but somehow better than 2008 already! (that's a euphemism, I think, for 'more spiritual focus')

One. Foreign language websites. I feel a sense of urgency and blessing on working hard in 2009 on the writing for the Arabic language website. Most of the articles from the English website that I consider relevant to it have been finished or almost finished. I have written some 20-30 pages of new material , but have a year or two of solid work before I can launch it. Pray for faithfulness to the task and the necessary personal holiness needed to do this in love and in gentleness. Also, I am paying a precious team in Pakistan (a sacrificially low rate here too!) to translate a few articles and lectures into punjabi and urdu for those peoples ( and ). Pray that I have the money to finish all the needed work, that the team in Pakistan is strengthened and protected during the work, and the people who need the materials will find the websites.

Two. INTENSE prayer needed for one of the above translators. One of the key individuals is a victim of treachery of the worse kind—fraud by a “Church leader”--that might cause the translator to be imprisoned and maligned all his life. I am not at liberty to discuss/reveal the details, but this must be an offense and embarrassment to our Lord—please implore the Sovereign God to intervene in the lives of the church leadership, this young person, the government, and the family—to bring justice and vindication to the innocent. PLEASE—this is urgent—legal proceedings are in motion to imprison him for a crime committed by a so-called 'Christian leader'.

Three. Energy for the workload. The civic load has died down to acceptable levels, but I must be aging rapidly... it is harder to try to cram 'three lives into one' than it seemed 3-4years ago. I get discouraged that I give out of gas a couple of hours earlier each night than I used to, and I cannot find a good mix of scheduling for this. Some of it is undoubtedly psychological, and I hope/intend to get back into therapy later in 2009. I am generally encouraged, though, by God 'closing' a couple of doors—that would have involved significant outside, volunteer work (I have a problem saying 'no'...sigh)... so I sense a season of high-output, if I can keep my health up and my 'nose clean'...sigh... I have been sick already twice in 2009, my mom has been hospitalized twice in 2009, and I have been diag'd with some sleep disorder that requires treatment... it has just been one thing after another (including system outages) so far in 2009—THEREFORE, I am encouraged (smile)!! I dont think I rank 'high enough' to be the target of any serious spiritual warfare (but I fear for my translators and overseas friends), but whenever the difficulties are as 'steady' as these, I think I must be doing something 'right'...

Four. Pray for some of the people in my heart: an Indian missionary couple who are struggling with career/calling decisions, the young man with Asperger's syndrome, gentleness upon my aging parents, job challenges for some of my relatives, an online penpal facing a hopeless financial and emotional struggle—and with bad experiences with 'religion', and my children—for their continued spiritual growth/joy/discovery

Five. Pray that I prioritize my time well this year. I am very weak at so many things, and this is one of them.

Thank you to all who pray for me and for this ministry,

yours, glenn

Aug 30, 2008

Wow—it's been over a year since I updated this.. no WONDER I am not making as much progress on these projects as I had hoped... sigh

I have three personal items for prayer (if anybody reads this):

One. The Arabic website. As I mentioned in 2006, I am paying (but barely—they are accepting a sacrificially low per-word-rate for this work, out of their desire to help those around them) someone to translate relevant tank articles into Arabic. That doesn't require much on my part (except thousands and thousands of dollars—since I was so long-winded when I WROTE those articles-- excess verbosity comes back to roost, doesnt it – sigh/smile), but I have probably 500 pages of introductory material to write BEFORE I put the site up. I dont want to merely “take my place in a millennium and a half of polemic”(!), but I want to try to get beyond the first few 'rounds' of argument—and move to the core of the theological tension (as I perceive it) between the Qur'an and (some of?) the Islamic theology that exists in the modern world. I want to state the message and case for the New Testament Jesus as clearly and as 'un-encumbered by the history of polemic' as possible. Not easy. Needs prayer. I need prayer for focus, energy, discretion, sanctification, and the ability to stay 'on core' with the goal of the work.

Right now the work is mostly scanning and categorizing the reading I have already done (between 5,000 and 7,000 pages of reading in Islamic-related scholarship and writings), prior to assembling the material for possible use in the Intro articles. [I have identified over 50 introductory articles that I need to write, only 4 of which I have started/progressed on.] I have spent almost $7,000 on this so far, and have a long way to go... but the problem is time, heart, attitude, and focus—not money. There are SO MANY inflammatory issues which are useless to try to raise/settle, and I will need discernment as to which topics I discuss. The scanning/categorizing work is surprisingly exhausting, so I am only able to do an hour or two per session.

I figure (and actually hope) that this project will finally 'dominate my time' for the next two years (like I INTENDED it to for 2006-2007...sigh). Hopefully, I can get most of this done within a 24-30 month period—with SERIOUS and FOCUSED prayer support! Please help with prayer—for the sake of these precious folk.

Two. Somebody in Pakistan approached me about translating a few (not many...chuckle) of my Tank articles into Urdu and Punjabi. I have agreed and am paying them the same sacrificially-low rate for their work. Pray for their accuracy in translation, protection from attack, financial support from other sources, and leverage of the material for their mainstream ministry (which is NOT translation). I will be posting this material (and maybe developing some more) on a separate website from the Tank.

Three. The civic workload is slowing/simplifying somewhat. I have gotten much of the groundwork done (mostly brochures and branding and info-central and planning), and will finish my tour of duty as Chamber of Commerce President in a couple of months. The next project will be some development 'creation' of an economic, technological, and youth-oriented engine for our community. I bought a dilapidated building downtown and am ready to figure out what to do with it, and who to get to help with developing it as a launchpad for helping our struggling (economically) community. I need prayer so that I will (a) avoid over-doing this and getting sidetracked from my main calling; (b) make wise and best-rather-than-good choices on who to partner with and how to raise funds; and (c ) avoid compulsive/closure goals in lieu of fruitfulness, love, and community welfare.

Other than these specifics, I still need prayer for the young man with Asperger's; for my children/grandchildren's spiritual thriving (good progress on this, btw—thanks!); for my parents' and brothers' progress in their lives (and in our relationships); and for 'adequate health' to finish the course...

Thanks to all who have prayed for me in the past... to the extent God has blessed the work of the Tank in all of our lives (especially mine!), to that extent most of it is due to prayer—i am quite sure of that, the older I get...

Love and Thanks--Glenn

Jul 22 2007

Not much change here, except more discouraged, I guess. The needs mentioned in the Dec 2006 note are still acute, with special need for item #8--I still seem so diluted in the usage of my (dwindling) energy and time--and I dont know where to say 'no' to legitimate opportunities to serve others (especially re: locally in civic/community needs, countless email exchanges to help others privately).

I continue to get the sweet-hearted and biblically-wise emails, urging me to do the Moses-Jethro 'get some helpers, you idiot' thing, and I constantly run up against the same brick wall: I dont get "sub-Moses" level projects to do! The Moses-Jethro solution worked because a great deal of Moses work WAS 'sub-Mosaic' in difficulty, and could be delegrated to other people--equally as qualified as Moses for that level of difficulty. But none of the work I have in backlog falls into a 'simpler' category (that level doesnt make it into the backlog, actually). I look over the requests for email interaction or the things in my 10-year "plan", and I cannot find anything suitable for farming out. I have mentioned more than once the practical reality of finding suitable help, anyway. Anybody who had/has the skill sets and the heart-set and the tone-sets needed for this work ARE ALREADY in ministry, buried under their own workload, and facing the same challenges I am. [I should mention, though, that I get tons of eager, love-hearted people offering help of various sorts, and these encourage my heart greatly. But I havent yet found tasks that I really need to do that match/fit their skill-sets, and so this wealth of resource goes un-used, in my case. And, quite frankly, I have asked for specific help a couple of times in the past--and with one major exception from precious Emma!--no one replied...

To give you an idea of my approach to this problem, here's the 'resource locator method' I came up with a few years back (which still has major flaws in it, but it is good enough to illustrate the spiritual dimension of this work). I was going to run an "I need a pool of helpers, to research and write articles in specific areas--please nominate candidates" initiative. The main criteria for candidates was that they NOT nominate themselves! I wanted people who were intimately familiar with the Tank (tone, detail, depth, etc) TO RECOMMEND OTHERS who were living and ministering in that same tone/detail/depth/etc. And these other people are either hyper-busy already doing this work (with their individual specialties, approaches, etc) or hyper-busy in some other calling of God. [And I am not a fan of "merger and acquisition" in ministry: just because God blesses somebody else's writing sites, doesn't mean we should 'merge' or 'work together', etc. My ministry is a very individual, personal, non-group kinda thing...]  Apart from these people already in ministry, I couldnt afford people who were just beginning to develop their gifts--I dont have time to mentor, groom, oversee anyone or do any up-close paper review at this time of my life (with my regular job demands, especially).

Now, let me be clear--I do get offers to help from some serious, wise, well-educated, gifted, and Lord-loving folks! It's just that I cannot find the content-creation projects [I dont really need the techhelp/webhelp people sometimes sweetly offer me--even though seemingly everybody has their idea on how to improve the Tank's appearance, ease-of-navigation, layout, organization, etc. (smile)] to actually farm out to them (so much of my work is Series-based now, for example). I dont want to slander these fellow disciples at all, but the practicalities of this work generally preclude my usage of them for this work--at least for know.

[I do--however--still have a dream of having a small, summer research 'blitz' each year when/if I stop travelling. The dream has 4-6 'developing' researcher/writer/apologists driving in for a month in the summer, living here in Leland, and us working on 2-4 projects intensely for that month. In that case, I would help guide the research (mostly in my library) and--in the process-- provide some mentoring-type value. I do think I could accelerate Tank output in such a manner, but it requires a different work situation than I currently have. (And at this rate, I wont be able to retire until 65, so aging/health/money issues may preclude it even then--but we will see what the Lord gives.)]

But I continue to noodle on this, and so you can add this to your prayer list for me: suitable help for the Tank, that increases Tank output/fruitfulness/usefulness...

So, I am back to asking prayer for energy, morale, stewardship of the 'status quo'--until the Lord changes something in my life otherwise. Thanks...glenn


Dec 2006

Well, items #2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 below are still on the list, without much new development/progress (in some cases, none).

But #1 is still an issue, too. I did NOT get that "unnamed" piece out the door, but I have started whole-heartedly on the "outside project". Probably ALL of 2007 will be spent on this outside project/ministry, and I would prefer at this point for it to remain (undescribed, unannouced). But it is a spiritual ministry, which will take all of my time, heart, and considerable personal monies to complete by EOY. I am very excited about it, and sense the Spirit's blessing and even eagerness to get on with it. So please pray for my strength, spiritual protection, self-control, honesty, focus, stewardship, love, and grace in this project. It IS a writing project, so I need prayer for the very words, tone, and delivery of the writings. As we get closer to August, I should be able to announce more about the writings and availability (and 'no', it is not a 'real' publication--smile). This will, of course, restrict my Tank work to almost nil.

Sept 2006

  1.  Well, by now you can tell that my Tank output has not rebounded...sigh... at a loss as to how to understand it, and even what to 'feel' about it... given the two intensive bible study series (for home), considerable local volunteer work, and a heavier-than-normal workload, I should be realistic about it--but I am not. I think I have tried to be less 'binge-y', under some rationale of 'balance' or 'personal stewardship' or something, perhaps, and I dont think it's working. I binged on Tankwork this past week and got the difficult piece on Deut20 out the door, and even the binge-work for the Home Bible Study was more successful than 'normal methods'... I dont know... I seem to have only 2 speeds: "High" and "Off"... I have one more Tank piece (not in the 10year plan--sigh) that I want to get out the door before I do my non-Tank six-month project. I need prayer support --HEAVY--for prioritization sensitivity (I have SO MANY things that really, really NEED addressing); for energy and post-article functionality (the intensity of Tank work and my job-work requires almost a 1-to-1 'flat-head', bio-chemical depression time backwash); for trade-off wisdom on how far to research on each topic; for better use of the smaller time-slivers of discretionary time.

  2. The money stewardship is fairly steady-state, I guess, so that is progress. I am not saving as much as I could, but my non-giving impulse spending is 'losing ground' to my giving impulse spending. I just need to be sensitive to God's pedagogy in this area. The savings are not for me, actually, but for needs of specific other individuals (e.g., doctoral education for a kid, Tank translation, various giving projects). I am planning on using anything of this savings that might be left over for retirement times (e.g. I wont be able to afford these books then, so some of this might be used for those types of things). So, I could use prayer for (a) self-discipline; (b) provision for the needs of these others and these other projects; and (c) wisdom to know when it's okay to spend allocated4saving monies on giving, etc.

  3. No word of progess on the beautiful-hearted young man with Asperger's syndrome-- please pray for progress in his healing (and his patience with it), for his future ministry, his family, and his relationship with the Lord.

  4. My kids need prayer too, for their growth in understanding the beauty, immensity, passion, and reality of God. They are involved in different types of ministry to others (and preparing for those ministries). One needs guidance quickly on moving soon (a couple of prayers for guidance and providential leadership would help).

  5. I still need some way to "R&R"--all the fun stuff in my life is also consumptive... and everything that LOOKS R&Rish to me has too much 'overhead' associated with travel time getting there, equipment, learning, infrastructure, team-only, etc... whats a MarshWiggle supposed to do, eh? (smile).

  6. I finally had two people (one an old friend from before the Tank) respond to my appeal for help for the Indian family (#7 below)... and I am thankful for that at least.

  7. I just had a close friend here lose their part-time job, and they live close to the poverty level already. Please pray for quick progress on this front and that their relationship with Jesus would blossom into beauty during this time.

  8. I need prayer to (a) get back to the basics [several outside projects have dried up suddenly--yes!]; and (b) finding out what the 'basics' actually are for me!

Thank you SO MUCH for just a few seconds of prayer for these! Glenn

May 2006:

  1. [Update: “reverse progress?!” -- this has been the lowest EVER Tank output year so far... very, very discouraged here... not sure of cause(s), but could witch-hunt up several dozen no doubt...sigh... Jan-Feb went to a major work crunch and self-caused depression; Feb-Mar when to prep for the Pre-Easter bible study and buildout of,; Mar-Apr lost to some horrid “long-acting” flu [3 rounds of antibiotics that I can remember(!), but many of the people in my area had this for 6-8 weeks, too]--but was able to keep my job OK during that time; Apr-May consumed by local volunteer web updates/construction (e.g. the flash animation at took 60 hours after-work-time at least), and by 60+ hours put into judging an Internet debate; and I have already had 4 business trips (with presentations to prepare for) in the last 30 days, with 3-5 stacked up before mid-June. I am having to update and respond2rebuttals for some of my more important Tankpieces, since I am just starting to have them translated into Arabic. Since someone is doing this on a volunteer basis--from the Middle East--I need to do all the re-researching and updates BEFORE translation--and this looks to be VERY consumptive... but the time is very 'thin' and morale is pretty low here... and as always, I am wondering/asking the old “If it is ME, Lord, show me the obstacles I need to deal with” -- AS IF I would somehow be obedient, loyal, honest, sensitive or stable enough to really deal with those...(“yeah, right” said the glenner-the-sinner-and-smirker, adding “Quit whining, and go back into obsession-with-productivity mode”)... more prayer needed, PLEASE]

  2. [Update: Not sure about this one either--? I AM definitely saving money (for those upcoming expenses), more or less on schedule, but still seem to be impulsive in my spending (i really dont mind being impulsive in my GIVING, but I still 'feel like' I am buying 'things' too quickly, without adequate prayer or thought). I dont think I have gotten worse, but I still feel 'fiscally fickle'... more prayer needed, please]

  3. I still need prayer for the young man of #3 below (no word of progress yet).

  4. Kids still need on-going prayer for their responses to transcendence, beauty, and grace (as I do, too!)--and on-going direction in their lives. One is getting married this summer, one is considering a career change sometime soon, and another is struggling with college issues.

  5. I REALLY, REALLY need wisdom in prioritizing my Tank work this year. My 10year plan looks already shot--not a problem under Providence, of course--but I thrash about (to use an old operating system image) trying to pick what project to work on or resume (e.g. rebuttals, resurrection body, Arabic-centric updates, other?), with the tiny slivers of time-and-energy I end up with at the end of the business day.

  6. I still need some kind of recreation-that-refreshes. I still hope music will be it, but there is such a learning curve on all the stuff I have for this...

Easter week was hard again this year--as always, I guess.

So far to go... my ut-most for His love-most

January 2006:

  1. I would like this year to be one of “unprecedented fruitfulness” for the Tank. Not 'productivity', 'efficiency', or 'output'--but 'fruitfulness'.

  2. I have to conserve and save money now for some upcoming LARGE expenses in a couple of years. So, I need to be able to control my spending like never before. I really have to learn/practice stewardship now at a higher level than ever before. (I NEED this level of self-control, too!)

  3. I still request prayer for the young man below in #7 of the June 18/05 entry.

  4. My kids still need clarity and fruitfulness in their spiritual journeys.

  5. I am still too easily distracted, and my dwindling time/energy gets fragmented and diluted too often/too long. Pray for increasing clarity and focus, and the necessary purity and integrity and will required for that. I still--after all these years and failed attempts--attempt occasionally to be a 'normal' social person, and I pay the internal price invariably (sigh) and tend to hurt/disappoint others.

Thanks so much--glenn

June 18/2005:

1. [Update: He found a job within a week or two--thanks SO MUCH for your prayers!]

2. [Update: fair progress, I've been having to do more prep for bible studies/teaching opportunities recently, so Tank work has slowed.]

3 & 4. [Update: postponed this new hair-brained idea... no sense of urgency on it.]

5. Continue praying for my kids' spiritual journeys (tx!)

6. [Update] I think I am doing better here--still need a little more 'pause' before I spend, but definite progress

7. New: I have a young teenage friend--very bright, good-hearted, great potential--who struggles with Asperger's syndrome. I would like for us to pray for release/softening of this for him, as he finds God's calling in this life.

8. New: I have a close friend of my family, who is facing some difficult decisions about child-care, hospitalization, and life-recovery. Please pray for their ability to make the good choice, follow-through without falling to distractions/discouragement/fears, and rapid healing and recovery. A lot is at stake for them, and their related family members. [This has been a longtime private prayer of mine.] Definite progress here--one VERY tough choice made, and made WELL.

thanks again--glenn

Feb 21/2004:

1. My son was not able to find a job in Oregon, so he is moving back to California, to the Bay Area. He has to decide on where to pursue his Ph.D, but needs an interim job in SanJose (PC/web work: web design, tech support, computer assembly/repair, light LAN work, etc) for 18months or so.

2. I am praying for triple-productivity this year on the Tank. Please pray that I could be more productive--without it being 'of flesh' or 'of stress'. So far this year, God is really, really blessing this...

3. I gave up on the hair-brained idea (#3 below). It would have consumed all my Tank-time for years, and this is more important at this time (plus, I have a NEW hair-brained idea to replace it!--smile).

4. Unspoken request: My new hair-brained idea of how to support myself in a couple of years. Not going to pre-announce anything this time (smile)...

5. My kids' own spiritual journeys.

6. I have 10 years til retirement (i.e., 10 years until subsistence living, few books, and writing on the Tank full-time!) and have faced the fact that I have to be a better money-manager for the next decade, in order to be ABLE to retire to do full-time Tank work. I was also recently reminded that I personally need to support myself and the Tank (my appeal for monetary help last fall on the Audio DVD drew only two responses from Tank readers within the required two months...I did get 3 responses from my old church though, so I might be able to still meet the objective...but this has been the pattern over the years, quite honestly. I have asked for help maybe 3-4 times from the readers (some money, some equipment, some technical assistance). Most of the time I get zero response, but once or twice I have had 2-3 responses, but never more than that. It's a occasional reminder that (a) my ministry is a 'crisis ministry'--people only come to the Tank in times of need/for specific questions (maybe?); and (2) I am a tentmaker after all--no complaints really.) So, I could use some prayer for me to manage my funds more effectively and more fruitfully, in light of my recent 'numbering my days'.

thanks, thanks, thanks for helping me with your prayers!

Aug 9/2004:

(1) Even after a year+ of doing this job, I find that discretionary time still comes in 'slivers' not 'pools', so I am finding it difficult to start (much less finish) any Tank projects. Please pray for my effective use of available time, enough energy/morale to dive into these difficult pieces, strength to reject the countless diversionary rabbit-trails and seductively less-strenuous 'alternate tasks', and fruitfulness when I DO get to work on it;

(2) My son just graduated from UCSC in Psychology (Honors) and is looking for an entry-level, short term job (1-2 years) in Portland--in either IT tech or in the Mental Health field. Please pray that he can find a job (he successfully moved up there first of August) quickly, so he can proceed with the independent study he wants to do relative to his future direction;

(3) I go the doctor on Aug 9th to get my knee MRI read by my doc, so I could use some prayer on speedy/fruitful resolution on the surgery timing/success/recovery (with a minimum of down time). Thanks, thanks, thanks. [Update: no surgery required/no treatment prescribed: simple degenerative something in my meniscus(?). Just have to live with the occasional pain, and restricted range of motion. Told me to lose 50 lbs(!). So, no change to lifestyle, except that I have no excuse to not exercise now...]

(4) I have come up with yet another hair-brained idea on how to support myself while doing more work on the Tank. I have designed some DVD training/education courses on Biblical Background topics (Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Rabbinic lit, ANE history, etc). It would be a MASSIVE amount of work (=time), but could work (better than...?) those CIO video tapes I failed at so miserably a couple of years back... so pray that I can NOT get distracted from main-course stuff, IF this DVD idea is (a) misguided or (b) poorly timed. Otherwise, pray for expedition and fruitfulness for it...(more detail on the idea/plan later...i would have to produce two-three 8-hour courses per year, under my current 'plan'--a tremendous amount of outside-of-my-real-job time (of which i obviously have TONS of wasted time...sigh)...but would be some AWESOMELY kewl/useful stuff, I think... anyway, thanks for this too! [Update Sept 1: gotta slow down, it is a huge task, and is now on the back-burner...?...well, I THOUGHT it made sense for me, but maybe for later...?]

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